Like the concrete work itself, a high quality finish is achieved through the skill of our experienced trades people, the latest equipment and methods for application, and the selection of quality material and products.

Finishes, from plain to decorative concreting, are available for both new work and re-surfacing:

What finish would I choose and why?

Broom finish

Broom finishes are attractive, slip resistant textures achieved by pulling a damp broom across the concrete surface after it has been floated and steel troweled to produce a coarse surface. The texture can be applied in many ways for example, straight or curved lines, with driveways and pathways typically broomed at right angles. Fine or medium textures are commonly used to produce slip resistant surfaces on external areas such as entertainment areas, garages and shed floors and gently sloping and flat walking paths and driveways.

Exposed aggregate finish

Exposed aggregate finishes provide an attractive slip resistant texture, achieved by exposing the structural aggregates used in the concrete. This process involves retarding the cement matrix to enable the concrete to harden sufficiently so that the top cement matrix can be washed off. The surface of the decorative concrete is then left exposed, with a light to medium wash producing the best results.

Acid wash and concrete sealer are recommended to protect the exposed aggregate concrete from stains and to enhance the appearance of the decorative stone.

Cove trowel finish

Cove trowel finish is an external texture finish which has great slip resistance and durability. It is mainly applied to external pavement areas that are difficult to broom finish due to access restrictions. The process involves a cove trowel texture worked into the concrete surface after it has been floated. This creates a textured swirl effect which looks great, is soft to the feet, and provides very good grip.

It is recommended to seal the concrete with day sealer to protect and cure for maximum strength.