Concrete curing is essential to the achievement of good quality concrete. It’s a simple process that is sometimes overlooked to the detriment of long-term durability and the water resistance of the slab.

The purpose of the curing is to ensure that the concrete does not dry out prematurely, but retains moisture so that it will build up strength and gain durability and resistance to wear. The concrete should be kept continuously wet for seven days to achieve satisfactory curing.

A commercially produced curing agent may be sprayed, brushed or rolled onto the surface creating a membrane layer to allow the concrete to cure at its designed rate.

In hot or extreme weather, for example high wind weather, Cemento uses a finishing aid to retard the surface and add workability to the concrete – mitigating the effects of these extreme conditions. This, together with the concrete curing methods that exceed Australian Standards will ensure that all concrete laid by Cemento will be strong, long lasting and as intended.

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